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User License
€ 17.00
Background OCR
€ 0.00

Total per year
€ 204.00
One-time payment
€ 0.00








How many users do you want?
A user is able to add, edit, move and delete documents. Every user also gets a free web-user license!

€ 17.00 per user per month
How many web-only users do you want?
This subscription comes with Web Archive. Access your archive on your local network or via the internet using a browser or the RetSoft App. Users gets a free web user license, add additional Web User licenses only if you need them.

€ 4.90 per user / per month
Do you need additional OCR engines?
Adding OCR Engines lets multiple users update the search index. Ideal when you have more than 5 users. (One (1) Engine is include in your subscription by default)

€ 15.00 per month
Default module: Background OCR
Perform text recognition automatically when the processor is idle. The advantage is that you can continue to work during this process without waiting for your documents to be searchable.
€ 0.00 per month
Activate the CAD Viewer?
View CAD files without quality loss. Supports DWG and DXF files.
€ 4.90 per month
Add barcode automation?
Automates the archiving process through barcode recognition (scanning of attribute data). Consider, for example, the scanning of purchase invoices with barcode. For more information, contact the support department.
€ 20.00 per month
Activate shadow archive?
Makes a copy of your RetSoft Archive into a Windows folder. It preserves the structure and is able to convert documents to PDF/A at the same time. Meta-data is exported as XML.
€ 375.00 one-time payment